Learn more about Tickets and Bookings

The Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra can ensure the validity of tickets bought exclusively in their website and in the official ticket offices.

To buy concert tickets, visit the lfkz.hu website, the Interticket (jegy.hu) site, or our ticket offices.

On the LFKZ.JEGY.HU website, tickets and passes can be bought without extra fees.


1. Choosing the program

To reach the current concerts of the orchestra, click the ’Concert Calendar’ menu in the ’Concerts’ main menu. To open the map for each concert, click on the ’Tickets’ button beside the programs; there, you can choose your tickets or passes (see ’Selecting Place’). Click the ’Details’ button to view the programs and the performers. You can find the current concerts in the 'ONLINE TICKETS’ menu of the main menu ’Tickets’.

Here you can start purchasing tickets by clicking on the ’Tickets’ button.

2. Ticket selection

2.1. Selection by auditorium

For shows where tickets are for a specific seat in the auditorium, clicking on the "Buy Ticket" link will display the auditorium or the available sectors for certain venues.

2.2. Ticket selection by sector

Sectors where tickets are still available are displayed in green. After selecting the sector, the auditorium of the selected sector is displayed, while the sector view remains visible in small in the lower right corner. You can still see which sectors still have available seats (green), which sectors have no longer any available seats (gray), and which sector has been selected (orange). The displayed auditorium floor plan can be adjusted to the desired size with the zoom in / zoom out and direction buttons. If you change your mind and do not wish to purchase a ticket in the selected sector, you can return to the sector view by clicking on the thumbnail image of the sector view or the "Back to the sectors" button at the top left.

2.3. Selecting a seat

If the auditorium is not sectoral or you have already selected the desired sector, you will see a detailed view of the auditorium (or sector). Here you can view and select tickets (shown in green) for the seats you like. Hover the cursor on the seat in the auditorium to view the current ticket and seat information in the text window that opens. Clicking on the seats of your choice will change their colour to orange, and the ticket will be added to your cart. You have the option to purchase your ticket within 20 minutes after you put it in the cart. You can add more tickets to the shopping cart until the 20 minutes are over. In the plan of the auditorium you can deselect the ticket placed in the basket by clicking on it once again. If you no longer wish to add more tickets to your cart, click the "Add to Cart" button below the auditorium. No matter which part of the web site you are browsing, by clicking on the cart icon in the upper right corner you can bring up your cart and see what tickets you have added to it.

2.4. Ticket purchase in order of arrival

If the seats in the auditorium are not numbered – i.e. you can take a seat with a ticket for the show on a first-come, first-served basis, you can add tickets to your cart by entering the desired number of tickets. The number of tickets that can be placed in the basket can be maximized, depending on the venue or performance.

2.5. Sold out tickets

If a performance is labeled "Sold Out" or "Not Available", unfortunately, there are no more tickets available in our on-line system.

3. Using the cart

In the cart you will see the list of the tickets selected by you, one below the other. The title, the venue, the date and time, and the selected seat (or sector, if applicable) of the selected event will be displayed. In addition to the detailed ticket information, the price of the ticket, the price of the comfort fee and the sum of these two are shown. Below the tickets you will see the total amount to be paid. Please carefully review your shopping cart before clicking the checkout button! Purchased tickets cannot be replaced or redeemed! If you want to delete a ticket from your cart, click on the "X" "Delete" icon to the right of the ticket. If you want to delete all tickets for a show, click on the "X" “Delete All” icon next to the show title.

4. E-tickets

If an e-ticket is allowed to be issued for the selected ticket, the system will automatically indicate the E-ticket delivery method, which cannot be changed. The E-ticket will also be sent by e-mail. Please print out the submitted PDF document individually for each purchased ticket! To open the PDF, you need Adobe Reader, which you can download from here: DOWNLOAD ADOBE READER.

An E-Ticket is a fully valid electronic ticket entitling its holder for admission. The series of numbers and the barcode on the e-ticket contain all information related to your order. These allow the identification of the ticket; therefore, no other security marking is required. The barcode is checked electronically at the venue of the event.

Please note that this E-Ticket is in itself valid and authorizes you for admission. You should never allow unauthorised persons to make a copy of your e-ticket under any circumstances! Since the barcode scanner system does not recognize any difference between the copied and the original barcode, the first scanned E-Ticket is always accepted as the original ticket. All other e-tickets with the same barcode will be considered copies, i.e. invalid tickets.

5. Payment methods

Persons purchasing on Jegy.hu have a choice of several electronic payment methods. After selecting your payment method, press the "Continue to buyer details" button. On the next page, if you have already registered on Jegy.hu, select the "I have already registered, I log in” option. In this case, after logging in, your previously entered data will be displayed populated in the data fields. Check and modify these as necessary.

The system of InterTicket sends you an electronic invoice for each purchase. If you are requesting an invoice showing the VAT rate on behalf of a person or business other than the buyer, click on the “Issue the invoice for someone else’s name" link and provide the required details.

At the bottom of the Payment page, the buyer will find the service provider's InterTicket General Contractual Terms, Privacy Policy and this Purchase Guide. Clicking on these links will display the document on a new page, so reading it will not interrupt the purchase process. After clicking on the "I accept the terms and conditions" checkbox, press the "Payment" button. The system will take you to the payment interface of the financial service provider.

Please note that tickets purchased for a specific time are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for another ticket.



The gift card is valid for the self-organized concerts of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra and can be redeemed on www.lfkz.jegy.hu.


  • On the lfkz.jegy.hu page, after selecting a ticket/season ticket, the amount on the gift card will be reduced from the total in the shopping cart, once the user enters the code on the card to the "Gift card" field during the checkout process.
  • Multiple gift cards can be redeemed as part of the same purchase.
  • In case the price of the tickets to be purchased is higher than the value of the gift card(s), supplementary payment methods can be introduced.
  • If the total value of the shopping cart is lower than that of the card, we can not exercise any payout, since the remaining amount will be available for later redemption in the given period as described above.


  • The gift card does not guarantee automatic entry to any of our programmes.
  • Gift cards are valid until 31 December 2024
  • Returns are not possible, however, gift cards are transferable.
  • Gift cards can not be exchanged for cash.