Ministry of Culture and Innovation

The decade-long music-making of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra members has created certain characteristics unique to the ensemble, and the orchestra strives to maintain this standard on both national and international podiums.

The orchestra's efforts are also supported by the Government of Hungary, as stated in Decree 1292/2019 (17 May). The state funding is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract with the Ministry of Culture and Innovation.


In 2012, the 13th district of Budapest signed a five-year public service contract to enrich the cultural life of the people living in the district and provide its resident students with the chance to experience classical music. As this cooperation proved exceedingly successful, the contract was renewed for another five years in 2017.

The exemplary cooperation focuses on the work with the district schools: the special music classes are eagerly awaited both by the students and the teachers. It has now become a tradition for the orchestra to take part in the Pozsonyi Piknik, the largest-scale multicultural event of the 13th district. Besides, the ensemble also gives an Advent concert every year. The orchestra has a good relationship with the Annie Fischer Music School, where several orchestra members started their path in music. Retired citizens of the district, together with teachers and students, can attend the concerts with discounted tickets.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC

ANY Security Printing Company PLC is a committed supporter of the arts.

Music is a universal language that crosses boundaries and is accessible and enjoyable for all. Unsurprisingly, it appears in some form in a wide variety of beautifully crafted, specially printed products – be it banknotes, stamps or passports. These products are often manufactured in honour of a world-famous composer or artist, but many countries display a part of their national anthem – its sheet music or lyrics – or folk instruments on their passports and banknotes. In order to prevent their forgery, it is essential to create security graphics, the design of which not only requires professional expertise, but a thorough immersion in visual arts is equally important. Aesthetics is key, as graphics turn the products into works of art; this is how printing and music art are mutually interconnected.

We are proud that these two worlds, which at first sight seem far apart, can inspire each other. This is why we support the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, which gives our colleagues the opportunity to draw inspiration from their music.