In the last few months, the new image of the orchestra has been awarded numerous professional prizes, placing us onto several top lists. We are proud to share the news that we have won the following awards recently:

-       APEX PR TOP CLIENT 2021 – 3rd place

-       APEX BRAND TOP LIST 2021 – 6th place

Further good news is that the graphic designer of the ensemble’s image, Brand Bar, has also won two more awards at the Worldwide Logo Design Award, finishing with bronze medal in the category of New Logos and golden medal in the category of “Flexible Logo/Flexible Identity”.

As a reminder, let us list the professional recognitions our renewed image and the related campaign have received so far:

IPRA Golden World Awards – winner of the Reputation and Brand Management category

Golden Blade – Silver Blade

RGB Kreatív Design Award – green ranking

Prizma – Best Market Launch and Re-launch Campaign

Prizma – Best Art Campaign

Prizma – Best PR-driven Integrated Campaign

Prizma – Project of the Year

Prizma – Client of the Year

Eventiada IPRA Awards – Best Institutional Image

Eventiada IPRA Awards – IPRA Special Prize

German Design Award – winner of the Brand Identity category