The Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra has long been a major and key actor on the national and international music scene. Performing in the most important concert halls of the world year after year, the ensemble is recognised as one of the most outstanding representatives of the chamber music genre worldwide thanks to their high precision, versatility in the genre, and outstanding sensitivity. In the future, the orchestra will ensure high-quality musical experiences for their national and international audiences under the artistic guidance of the internationally well-known cello artist, István Várdai. 

Strategic plans for the future were outlined as follows:

Judit Körmendy-Ékes, President of the Board of Trustees of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra Foundation, said about this year’s strategic and artistic developments:

“A new chapter has begun in the life of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra. The fact that the ensemble has secured its place in the international music elite for decades cannot be considered as a given, we must keep striving for excellence on a daily basis by creating opportunities for seamless artistic work and development. We consider it a great opportunity to enter into partnership with the HarrisonParrott international classical music agency, a prominent representative of the classical music industry, this year. The mission of the Foundation is to develop a strategy that will provide for a worthy place for this legendary ensemble. The fact that István Várdai accepted our offer of the position of artistic director of the ensemble, was a huge step. Having him with us is a guarantee, on the one hand, and a great source of inspiration and quality work, on the other.”

(Judit Körmendy-Ékes, István Várdai)