Our ensemble has had a unique logo creator application developed. With the help of the new application, anyone can create a musical symbol resembling our new logo in its appearance and functionality which builds on the first beats of Bartók’s Divertimento. The aim was to make the connection between the orchestra and its audience visually visible, providing users with a sense of belonging to the community of the orchestra.

Our ensemble will surprize the audience in March with a special innovation: we have had a unique web application developed that allows everyone to generate a one-off musical symbol similar to the new logo of ours. Users will be able to follow the process of generation, sharing the outcome with people they know on various platforms of social media or even via email. The logos will be available for download in several image formats.

“The goal of the application is to make the invisible bond created between the orchestra and its audience throughout the years visible. Innovative solutions are at the core of our artistic work and we are planning to surprize our audience over and over again” said István Várdai, the Artistic Director of the orchestra.

The new image of the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra might be characterized as “music-driven” and “dynamic”. It is dynamic because it uses a notation method which can be used to visualize any piece of music. Thanks to this, an infinite number of graphic symbols can be created in principle, which, although different for each piece of music, will still carry similar visual characteristics.

“When we came up with the idea of the music-driven image for the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra, we found it obvious to assign all members of the ensemble a symbol unique to them generated from their own choice of music from the repertoire of the orchestra. Starting from here, it was only a small leap to take the principle of involvement to a new level by offering all music lovers and people open to innovation the chance to generate their own music-driven logos. This requires the use of a simple application which can create symbols based on the works found in the repertoire of the orchestra according to the user’s needs,” said Attila Simon, Creative Director at Bran Bar, who added the following with regards to the collaboration: “It is a great pleasure to introduce this application to the wider public now.”

The logo generation process follows a series of sounds stored in a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) file containing the main lead of a given part of the musical piece selected. Midi files encode two types of sounds, notes and modulations over a ten-octave range, for which reason the application uses two colours. Based on the image framework, the application generates a circular symbol which is actually created by rotating the stave. The logo generation process touches on a drawing algorithm created by the software development team of Datalytix Solutions Ltd.

“The innovation mixes two existing things in a novel, hitherto unseen way. Relying on algorithmic precision and creativity, with the logo creator we gave the forms hidden in the notes of well-known musical pieces a visible shape, thereby offering this unique opportunity to everyone,” explained Péter Fülöp, the IT manager of the project. “Having worked with notes, sheet music and visualized music on top of the usual IT tasks, our entire development team went through a new and refreshing experience. Although we have just finished the first version of the application, it is good to see the team come up with newer and newer development ideas to extend the app,” the specialist added.

At the moment users may generate their own logos based on 27 excerpts of eight different pieces of music, while new excerpts are being constantly added. In addition to community building, the application also strengthens our educational aspirations: visitors to the site will be able to read a short description of the pieces of music available on the platform and will also be able to listen to these works performed by our ensemble.

“At FleishmanHillard Café we are always on the lookout for approaches and integrated solutions that are truly unique and innovative. This endeavour of ours has met the needs of the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra, so the application we dreamed of – on which developers, visual artists, musicians and sound engineers have worked for months – is able to offer a new experience when it comes to connecting with classical music, showcasing the character and the devotion of the orchestra to its audience as well as innovative ideas. The tool has a great communicative and community-building potential. The conversion of the unique signals to QR codes and the introduction of different, personalized products could be the next step for the ensemble,” said Anita Balaton, Managing Director of FleishmannHillard Café.

The logo creator application can be found under PLAYLISZT and can be tested using the following link: https://www.lfkz.hu/hu/logoapp